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September 17, 2014

Excited that the season is under way and we hope to make you proud. The Brees Family welcomed a new baby girl on August 25, Rylen Judith Brees. She is such a beautiful baby (looks like her Mama) and her big brothers absolutely adore her. They fight over who gets to hold her and cuddle with her. It's awesome to see.

Jimmy Johns is going well as we just opened our 6th store in Mid City on Sept 4. Delivery and in shop orders are pouring in as we have a chance to serve that great neighborhood. And we hired 15 new employees in the process. Always good when you can create jobs in the community.

Stay tuned for our new website and in the meantime I will keep everyone updated though Twitter and Facebook of our 9 Brand and Brees Dream Foundation endeavors.

See you soon.


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